Pam Black Wagner


About the printing process

  I  have chosen these images from my vast library of paintings from over the past 25 years.  My intent was to offer them as prints so more of you can enjoy enhancing your home or office with them.

Our fine art pigment prints are made to order. This means each print is made especially for you and is not returnable. All prints are archival quality and are inspected and hand signed by Pam to insure they hold true to her original vision. All prints are made on Sunset Cotton Etching Paper 285g. It has a slightly textured surface and is made of 25% cotton linters and 75% alpha cellulose. The surface has a special matte coating, designed for high-quality fine art  reproduction/print applications with inkjet (giclee) technology. Prints are made and shipped within one week of  placing the order. A $30 shipping fee is added to all orders. Please feel free to contact us with any other question at

About Pam

With a down-to-earth personality and energetic manner, Pam Wagner is sure to light up any room that she enters.  Happy to share her life experiences and thoughts, you feel as though you have known her your whole life from the first moment that you meet.

Wagner was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.  After being a fashion design major at Parsons School of Design in New York, Wagner rediscovered her love for painting.  She saw the beautiful works that the designer painted and a light bulb went off. She knew that she was destined to be a painter.

Wagner recalls that both of her grandfathers were painters and she loved the smells of their studios as a young girl.  She immediately began putting her portfolio together and applied to art schools.  Wagner graduated with a BFA from Montclair State in New Jersey.

Eventually Wagner set up a studio in Denver in the ‘80s.  She met her soul mate and current husband, John there.  The couple designed furniture together for a few years before Wagner decided to focus solely on her paintings.  Despite great success in Denver, her husband’s career required a transfer. They lived in the Mississippi Delta for three years, before moving to Memphis.  Wagner has had great success in Memphis.  Her East Memphis home takes you inside one of her paintings.  With a rustic western feel and beautifully designed and hand made furniture, her home is truly unique.

Some of Wagner’s influences include Edward Hopper, Mark Rothko and Rene Matisse. Like Hopper, Wagner does not like to speak about her art and is very modest about her great success.  Her paintings embody natural beauty, appreciation of the outdoors, and the joy of life itself.  Her paintings take you back to a simpler time and remind you to enjoy nature and the many small wonders of the world.

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